Church Service Schedule during COVID-19

Church Service Schedule during COVID-19
Church Service Schedule...

We resumed in-person worship on Sunday, May 31, at 10:15am.  We will continue to monitor the virus and its impact on our community each week.  Unless otherwise specified, the information contained on this page will be current.  Individuals can also continue to participate in the church service through the live stream video at  At this time we are not including the Lord's Supper in the Sunday morning church service.

If you plan to come to church on Sunday...
* If you are at-risk or among the most vulnerable populations, we ask that you take extra care and consider continuing to participate remotely.
* If you are sick, experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in close contact with any lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19, we ask that you stay at home.
* Consider using this self-screening survey from the Mayo Clinic CLICK HERE
* When you arrive at the church...
...Visit with each other outside (before and after the service)
...Practice good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette 
...Consider wearing a face covering
...Do not gather in the entryway or isles 
...Leave two empty spaces between your party and the next attendee

Other helpful things to know for Sunday morning...
* The building has been cleaned
* The ministers will wear masks before and after the service
* There is hand sanitizer available upon entering the building
* There are masks available for you at church if you need or want one
* The printed bulletins are disposable and waiting for you at your seat
* The hymnals, Bibles, and pens have been removed
* All the words of the service will be projected on the wall
* The children's quiet activity bags have been removed
* The children will remain with their parents during the children's message
* The offering plates will be placed on a table
* The live stream will be on in the fellowship hall
* The bathrooms are clean and available if needed
* The drinking fountain is not available - bottled water is in the kitchen
* New high-quality air filters have been installed in the sanctuary
* There is no Sunday school or Bible study prior to the service
* We are developing a plan for communion distribution in the near future

For some, returning to in person worship has been too long in coming.  For others, even resuming now might feel too soon.  We have taken as many details into consideration as possible as we developed this plan.   Each Sunday we pray that God may give us a "spirit of unity."  I am confident he will bless that prayer.  We will support you if you choose to stay at home and we will support you if you choose to come to the church. 

God is good and we have no reason to doubt his love for us as we find the best way to move forward through this new coronavirus world and encourage each other and share the good news with others that...

We are forgiven!
Pastor S