Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

What to Expect

Beautiful Savior has one mission and one mission only, to share the love of Jesus and the forgiveness of sins to the world.  Everything we do in worship revolves around and serves that chief purpose.  So on Sunday mornings, we sing about Jesus, we listen to readings from the Bible about Jesus, our pastor preaches about Jesus, and we pray to Jesus.

Beautiful Savior is also a Lutheran church, and so the way we worship reflects how Lutherans have shared Jesus throughout time.  Some of our songs are old, some of our songs are newer, but they all talk about Jesus.  Some parts of our order of service are old (the very first couple lines are over 2000 years old!), some parts are newer, but they all talk about forgiveness.

Want to know what you'll hear?  Check out our audio recordings of the weekly messages.

Who You'll Meet

Beautiful Savior is an extremely diverse family of Christians.  From folks that have spent their whole lives in the Brazos Valley to college students just passing through, from newly baptized babies to friends from the local retirement community, from Texans to international travelers, Beautiful Savior welcomes everyone and wants to tell everyone about Jesus.  Beautiful Savior's staff includes one Pastor and one Pastor-in-training.  And Beautiful Savior's members run tons of programs throughout the year.

Where We Are

Beautiful Savior is located across the street from Central Park in College Station at:

1007 Krenek Tap Road
College Station, TX 77840

An interactive map and directions can be found here.