Bible Study Handouts

Bible Study Handouts
The links below are for the Bible study guides for Sunday mornings at 9:15am.  In order to participate in the study, download and install the app from  A new access code will be provided each week for individuals to participate online.  Look for the code in an email from Pastor Schoeneck or on the Beautiful Savior private Facebook group.
1 Peter Bible Study
1 Peter - Part 1
1 Peter - Part 2
1 Peter - Part 3
1 Peter - Part 4
MiscellaneousBible Studies
The Bible study for August 30 is Lesson 12 in the series below -- "Words of Truth."
Sunday, August 23, 2020 - Job 1
Sunday, August 16, 2020 - Psalm 112
Sunday, August 9, 2020 - Love your neighbor

Be Fruitful, A study on Galatians 5:22-23
Lesson 1 - Context and Love
Lesson 2 - Joy and Peace
Lesson 3 - Patience and Kindness
Lesson 4 - Goodness and Faithfulness
Lesson 5 - Gentleness and Self-Control

Words of Truth - Bible Study Series
Lesson 1 - The Bible Is True
Lesson 2 - The Truth of God's Creation
Lesson 3 - The Old Testament Is True
Lesson 4 - The New Testament Is True
Lesson 5 - The Work of the Spirit Is True
Lesson 6 - Talking to God through Prayer is True
Lesson 7 - Baptism Truly Forgives Sins
Lesson 8 - The Lord's Supper Truly Forgives Sins
Lesson 9 - The End of the World Is True
Lesson 10 - The Church Has the Truth
Lesson 10 - Handout: American Lutherans
Lesson 11 Family: A True Blessing
Lesson 12 - Your True Purpose
Sunday Morning Bible Study Details

In order to join the Bible study...
* You need to download the app from
* You need the meeting ID number
(Check your email, Facebook private group, or contact Pastor or Vicar)

A “paper copy” of the study guide is available in the link on this page.

The default is set so that you will be muted when you enter the meeting.
* Your participation is encouraged – comments, discussion, and questions.
* You will need to unmute your device for us to hear you.
* As a courtesy, keep your device on mute when you are not talking.
* Remember when your mic is on, we can hear everything…
   …coffee slurping, dogs barking, pen clicking, stomach growling, and more J
* Thanks for your patience as we keep learning God’s Word and how to use

* You should be able to use the same Meeting ID for all our Bible studies. 
* We are going to experiment with recording the Bible study so you can watch it later if you miss it live.
* Let us know how it’s working for you.  Your encouragement and constructive comments and extremely helpful.