Daily Updates During COVID-19

Daily Updates During COVID-19
This page has the latest information From Pastor Schoeneck at Beautiful Savior.

Saturday, May 16, 8:00pm 
The church service on Sunday, May 17, will once again be live stream only.

Monday, April 20 - 11:15am
Wow, we have been doing this for over a month now!  Govenor Abbott's "Strike Force" will give a report on April 27, with the next steps for life in Texas to return to normal.  We are anticipating that we will need to continue with much of the same for a little while longer.  However, the church leadership will meet after the report is released and we will make our plan for our ministry during the month of May.

Wednesday, April 15 - 3:45pm
During the days around Easter, many of you received communication from me via email and Facebook private group.  I'll keep updating things here on the church website every day or so now through the end of April and then will re-evaluate then.  I am anticipating that the Federal Government and the State of Texas will be issuing new guidelines for letting some poeple get "back to work."  It is too soon to tell if that will also include allowances for letting people get back to church.  If so, we will also need to weigh the benfits and risks of whether it is wise for us to get back to church on Sunday mornings just as soon as possible, or if it would be better to ease into it.  We will be looking at those decisions as we get closer to the end of next week.
* Check out the Easter video service on the archive (click on "Sunday" above).
* Sunday schedule will be back to "normal" on April 19... 9am zoom Bible Study, 10:15 live stream

Friday, April 10 - 9:00am
The neails pierced Jesus' hands and feet at 9am, the spear pierced his side at 3pm.  The Good Friday service will live stream from our church at 3pm today.  It iwill be available to view online throughout the rest of the day and archived to watch later as well.
* Check your email for an update as we check-in with members from church
* The Easter lilies arrived today, if you want at home after Easter Sunday ($10), let us know.
* Easter Sunday service at 9am live streaming from our church.
* Zoom meeting following the service to "see" each other and share Easter greetings.

Thursday, April 9 - 11:00am
We are entering the height of Holy Week even as our nation is experience what will God willing be the height of the virus outbreak.  It's not hard to see the stark contrast... as people are dying in alarming numbers, it happens to be the time of year when we focus on Jesus' death AND resurrection!  Becuase he lives, we too will live, eventhough we die (John 11).
* The youth confirmation class will meet on Zoom this afternoon.
* Service plans for today, tomorrow, and Sunday are well underway.
* We believe we have made some improvements to help prevent the live video stream from freezing, as well as improve some of the music / singing during the service.
* Keep in touch - give us a call, text, or email and let us know how you are doing.

Wednesday, April 8 - 10:30am
You have probably heard someone say, "We are in this together."  I have heard myself say it on more than one occasion.  It is wonderful to see our communities and country pull together.  But, the thought crossed my mind this morning that it might help to think about this from a different vantage point too.  Our Heavenly Father has been saying, "I am in this together with you," since the day the world began.  God is with us - Immanuel.  Not a bad thought to hold on to as we approach the days when we remember Christ Jesus, the true Son of God, who took on flesh and gave his body and blood to the point of death.  It's an understatement to day that he is in this together with us.  God bless you as you stay connected to him and one another.
* I will post a short video (1 minunte) with an overview of the Holy Week service times.
* We are trying to do as much as we can to make Easter a special celebration.  We delivered Easter eggs to several families.  We will post some pictures of that on Facebook.

Tuesday, April 7 - 10:00am
We are busy getting things ready for our modified Holy Week and Easter schedule. Things will be different this year, but we hope that you will find some comfort in the familiar words of God and Easter music. This is the request news of all time... Jesus lived a perfect life and died an innocent death so that we are forgiven. The empty grave proves it. 
* Thanks to video capabilities, the youth confirmation will be participating in the video for Maundy Thursday. A link to the video will be available on our website in Thursday.
* The altar will be decorated with six Easter lilies - if you would like to purchase one to have at your home after the service, please let me or LuAnne Schulz know. The cost is $10 each. 

Monday, April 6 - 9:00am
Check of the video archieve of the Palm Sunday service if you missed it yesterday. It was wonderful to begin the service with the baptism of Stephen and Anna's children.  What happy timing that to have a baptism on the first occassion when we were unable celebrate the Lord's Supper together at church as regularly scheduled!  Moving forward until the virus restrictions are lifts, we are willing and able to make house calls or schedule appointments with individuals to receive the Lord's Supper at church upon request.
* If you didn't catch the Holy Week and Easter schedule, see the post below.
* Check in as you are able by email, text, phone, Facebook, etc. 

Friday, April 3 - 7:15am
Our church leadership met last night on Zoom.com. I thank God for these men and the wisdom, counsel, and encouragement that they provide. They are diligent, faithful workers who value God's Word and are concerned for the well-being of everyone at our church. We are not perfect, but because of Christ's love we can lead with confidence.
* We will continue to offer only live streaming video of our church services through April 30.
* Palm Sunday (April 5) - The service will include the baptism of two children.
* Maundy Thursday (April 9) - No church service.  We will post a devotional video to view.
* Good Friday (April 10) - Live streaming service at 3:00pm.
* Easter Sunday (April 12) - Live streaming service from our church at 9:00am.
* Church Finances. It is still too early to make acurate projections.  We currently have a $6,000 "surpluss" in our general fund. We anticipate this amount will decrease, but we will continue to provide updates as information becomes available. Our current financial status is "stable" as members continue to give offerings online, through the mail, or stopping by the church office.

Thursday, April 2 - 9:15am
Thank you to everyone who "checks in" to let us know you were able to watch the live streaming services.  The Church Council will have a meeting on Zoom.com tonight to finalize our plans for Holy Week and Easter.
* Youth Confirmation Class today at 2:00pm (www.Zoom.com)
* If you have any questions about how to use online giving, let us know.

Wednesday, April 1 - 8:45am
The first day of April is often a time when friends play practical jokes on each other.  It doesn't feel quite the same this year.  In Brazos county, we just pased the halfway point of our 14 day "shelter in place" order, and it's hard to stay at home.  The President and Governor have issued social distancing restrictions through the end of the month.  The economy is going to be damaged.  There is a great need for a little joy in life.  Christ gives the joy we need.
* Live stream lent devotion tonight at 7:00pm
* We will post prayer requests on the private Facebook group and email
* People are looking for ways they can help and there are people who need help, let me know if you are in a place where either is on your mind.

Tueday, March 31 - 10:30am
It is taking me longer than I would like, but I am calling two or three members every day to check in and offer encouragement from God's Word.
* Live stream tomorrow for the Wedensday Lent devotion (30 minute service)
* Post a picture or comment on the private Facebook group to stay connected
* The church newsletter was distributed this month via mail and email 

Monday, March 30 - 9:15am
Yesterday, the President of the United States mentioned extending restrictings for "social distancing." I anticipate that our local civic officals will evaluate our status and give us more information in the coming days. The national news anticipates that the number of fatalities will increase this week as the virus runs its course. While this may be a hard week for many, we pray that it gets us one week closer to putting this behind us.
* It was wonderful to have so many of you watch the Sunday service video yesterday
* The Church Council will meet this week to evaluate our status and plans at church
* Worship, Bible Study, Youth Confirmation, and one-on-one ministry continues digitally
* Look for an Online Giving video tutorial later this week
* We hope to finalize Holy Week and Easter details by Friday

Saturday, March 28 - 12:15pm
It is wonderful to connect with many of you by phone, text, email, and one-on-one during the week.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at church and to each other.
* We are adding Sunday School lessons to the "online resources" page today!
* The Sunday Bible Study access code is in your email and on our private Facebook group
* Sign in to Bible study at 9:00am, we'llll start at 9:15am. Practicce using MUTE :-)
* The church service will live stream at 10:15am. 
   - A paper copy of the service is available on the "online resources" page
   - If you miss the live stream, the video will be available in our service archive
   - Let us know if you would like a hymnal to use at your home
* The April Newsletter will be available this weekend (email, Facebook group, other??)
* If online giving is unfamiliar to you, we are working to add video to help
* A brief note about offerings... God's grace is wonderful. He has blessed our wise planning and current giving so that the church finances are stable at the present time. Remember that giving offerings is always part of our worship and praise to God out of thanks for what Jesus has done for us.  I pray this thoughts is alive in your heart so while our economy is uncertain, your concept of "giving" can be filled with joy.  It is now - and always is - all grace and no guilt when it comes to giving offerings.

Friday, March 27 - 8:30am
I am looking forward to our time together through video this Sunday. Here are a few things to help you get ready.
* Children’s Sunday School materials will be available on the website later today.
* Sign up for Zoom.com to join the adult Bible Study. The access code will be sent tomorrow.
* Let us know if you would like us to drop off a hymnal for you.
* The “printed” order of service will be available at the “Online Resources” page.
* Reminder: The workday at church that was scheduled for tomorrow is postponed. 

Thursday, March 26 - 8:40am
Thank you for your continued support and patience as we learn and improve things with the video live stream. We are looking forward to or next opportunity on Sunday morning.
* Youth Confirmation Class meets on Zoom.com at 2:00pm today
* Check our the “online resources” on the website to access new video and devotional materials
* If you would like a hymnal to use at your home, let us know and we will deliver one to you
* We are meeting with individuals as requested.  Give us a call and schedule a time

Wednesday, March 25 - 10:30am
There will be a live streaming video church service this evenig at 7:00pm.  It is the fourth in a series of six devotions about Jesus: The Son of God who goes forth to war against sin and death.  Click on the image on the home page of the church website at 7:00pm tonight.
* We reorganized the church website so all the latest resources are easier to find.
* Check out the latest "Wait a Minute" video update posted by Pastor Schoeneck.
* If you are on Facebook, take a minute to post a comment in the private group.

Tuesday, March 24 - 11:05pm
Brazos County has issued an order to "shelter in place" during the next two weeks.
* The church office and building is not listed as an "essential business."
* Our ministers are able and willing to make house calls as needed or requested.
* Church services will continue by live streaming video.
* Bible studies and meetings are able to continue with digital platforms.
* The credit card feature is now enabled on the online giving page.
* We are using the church website to post all our communication and new content.
* There are frequent Facebook updates and videos to help keep us connected (CLICK HERE).
* The work day at church scheduled for March 22 is postponed.

CLICK HERE for the archive of initial coronavirus communication letters from Pastor Schoeneck.