Daily Bible Studies During COVID-19

Daily Bible Studies During COVID-19
This page provides short Bible studies based on single chapters of the Bible.  These can be used at any time, but might be of special interest as we are restricted to "shelter in place" during the virus outbreak.  New materials added Monday - Friday.
Bible Study & Prayer for March 27, 2020
Geneaologies are boring?  I think not!  Let's take a look at the genealogy of Jesus, which Matthew includes FIRST in his Gospel, and see how interesting and important they are for our spiritual lives.
Bible Study & Prayer for March 26, 2020
Let's see how God wraps up his plan and how it fits in God's overall plan of salvation!
Bible Study & Prayer for March 25, 2020
As we continue to see God unfold his plan for Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz, we will see God continuing to fit the pieces together in the background to take care of Naomi and Ruth.  Plus, we will see Boaz's generosity as he fulfills God's law.  Isn't it interesting how God fulfills the prayers of his people?
Bible Study & Prayer for March 24, 2020
In the second chapter of Ruth, God shows how he works behind the scenes.  We might desire for God to work in a more obvious way, but often he does not.   See the beauty of how God operates.
Bible Study & Prayer for March 23, 2020
Let's look a little deeper at the calling of Samuel and see what we can learn from it.  Let's see how God's Word is just as important for you as it was Samuel at this important moment of his life.
Bible Study & Prayer for March 20, 2020
Here is a quick look at the life of Ruth.  She lived through a tough time.  See what she learned and how Jesus' promises to her are every bit as powerful for you today.
Bible Study & Prayer for March 19, 2020
The image of the bronze serpent can still be see on doctors' patches and ambulances today.  Take a look and see the truth and promises that a loving God extends while confronting people amidst challenging times.